McTimoney Treatments for Horses and Dogs

McTimoney Treatments for Horses and DogsEyeEye

McTimoney treatment works to realign the musculoskeletal system and in turn optimise bodily comfort, balance and performance.

Animals experience back and musculoskeletal discomfort just as humans do, causing them to behave differently or become difficult to handle or ride. Often range of movement is restricted meaning that performance suffers, this can often be seen as starting to have the ‘odd’ pole down, refusing fences or having difficulty remaining in an outline.

Equine symptoms can be mistaken for misbehaviour or disobedience.

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Canine symptoms can be mistaken for depression, laziness or even aggression.

From pet to competition animal, it is important to recognise the signs of musculoskeletal discomfort. Nearly every horse and dog can benefit from a McTimoney treatment. A routine or ‘MOT’ treatment can regularly address small problems and therefore stop anything bigger developing.

A minor misalignment left untreated will initially go unnoticed but over time visible effects will become apparent, this can be in the form of stiffness, muscle spasm and unlevel gait. It is following this that other problems may arise, such as behavioural difficulties.

What is McTimoney Manipulation?

McTimoney manipulation aims to realign and balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system using a series of very light adjustments.

LegStretchTreatment allows the animal to achieve maximum potential through correct movement, balance and suppleness as it relieves pain and restores full range of movement.

What is misalignment?

A misalignment occurs in the area of a joint where one side of the joint can sit out of alignment with the other side. Joints include those between vertebrae (intervertebral/facet joints).

This can put pressure on nerves that branch throughout the entire body and cause muscles to go into spasm leading to imbalance and discomfort which can cause behavioural or performance issues.